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EUROTUBI PRESSFITTING Technical Guide - M profile (09/2015)

Technical Guide - V profile



The laying of the Eurotubi pressfitting system is extremely easy and quick. Following pictures show the right steps for the correct assembling of the system.

pressfitting installation - 1 - cutting Step 1
Cut the pipes using suitable tools that will avoid the risk of buckling. For example, the machine oxygen cutting and the use of a disc grinding wheel are not recommended.
pressfitting installation - 2 - sdeburring Step 2
Carefully deburr the pipe, both internally and externally, as a possible residual burr could damage the O-ring and compromise the connection tightness.
pressfitting installation - 3 - o-ring checking Step 3
Check the correct position of the O-ring inside the toroidal chamber and lubricate it with water or soap. Do not use oil or grease at all.
pressfitting installation - 4 - insertion Step 4
Put the pipe into the fitting and push it through a slight rotation until it's complete stop.
pressfitting installation - 5 - marking Step 5
Fix the correct position between them using a marking pen in order to see possible movements before pressing.
pressfitting installation - 6 - providing the pressing tool Step 6
Provide the pressing tool with the suitable jaw corresponding the diameter of the fitting to be pressed. For more details, please refer to the specific manual of the pressing tool.
pressfitting installation - 7 - setting pressing tool Step 7
Set the pressing tool in a correct way so that the toroidal chamber is inside the proper housing of the jaw.
pressfitting installation - 8 - pressing Step 8
Carry out the pressing process until the jaw-halves come in contact.
pressfitting installation - 9 - after pressing Once pressed, the fitting guarantees both the stiffness of the whole system and the perfect tightness of the O-ring. Connections are now no longer divisible and resist against high stress.

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