April 2018

The qualities of the 316L Pressfittings in creating distribution systems for water intended for human consumption

AISI 316L stainless steel is one of the best materials for creating potable water systems. Maximum hygiene and longevity are only two of the system's salient features. Let's see how this steel, along with the quality of the pressfittings, make a winning team serving water for human consumption.
Potable water is a precious resource. We drink it and use it to wash ourselves and prepare our meals. Often, we do not realize the importance of water quality and hygiene, considering them essential elements.

Stainless steel pipes serving drinking water quality

However, we must know that there are various materials and types of systems intended for the distribution of potable water. Constant technical and scientific research over the years have resulting in some solutions being chosen and others abandoned for various reasons, such as the discovery of more economical materials or that certain materials are hazardous to humans.

Stainless steel, especially type "AISI 316L" has proven over the years to be one of the best materials for the distribution of potable water.

Pressfitting in stainless steel aisi 316l for drinking water

Why choose AISI 316L stainless steel pressfittings for potable water

Here are some of the salient features of the pressfitting installation system, from perfect hygiene to its technical qualities:
  • 316L stainless steel does not release substances that can change the flavour or healthiness of the water transported;
  • the surface characteristics of steel and the metallic self-passivation layer that is created, inhibit the growth of biofilm: the ideal environment for the proliferation of hazardous bacteria such as legionella;
  • unlike with welded fittings, pressfittings do not require the use of catalysing chemical substances, which could be hazardous to human health, during installation;
  • installation speed, on average 50% less time compared to traditional systems;
  • unlike other materials such as plastic, steel is sturdier and more durable;
  • resistance to chlorine-based disinfection products, in the proper doses, these substances do not threaten the duration of steel. On the other hand, if treated with disinfection, some plastics can release hazardous substances for human health. For more in-depth information on the topic you can consult the specific article.

How to protect the quality of drinking water

Tips for improving the quality of water coming from your taps

To make sure that the water dispensed from our systems is as healthy as possible, we must watch out for stagnation. In places where water is dispensed only for limited periods, such as in vacation homes, hospital rooms, and hotel rooms, water should be allowed to run for a bit before using it.
If the water that comes out of your taps continues to have an unpleasant odour and taste, have your system checked.
For more information on AISI 316L steel pressfittings used in potable water systems, contact our Technical Office.

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