January 2018

Pressfitting school project: free fittings and equipment for a Slovenian plumbing school

Eurotubi's educational projects for spreading the pressfitting system, in the most well-known European professional institutions for future plumbers continues. This time we will talk about the experience with the Slovenian school "STPS Trbovlje" where the students learn modern connection techniques, also thanks to Eurotubi pressfittings.

At Eurotubi, we are convinced that the pressfitting is one of the best systems for plumbing systems. Our management and marketing have always been fully committed to projects for spreading the pressfitting method.
One of the best ways to promote our product, even though a "long term" way, is to facilitate teaching pressfittings directly to future plumbers at trade schools.

technical and professional school of Trbovlje

This was also the case with the request that came from the Trbovlje technical and trade school in Slovenia.
The school was about to create a new demonstration system for heating and hot water distribution fed by a biomass boiler.
All elements of the system were donated by the major manufacturers in the industry, as sponsors.

Apprenticeship for plumbers with pressfittings

Eurotubi was kindly requested to contribute with the supplies related to the construction of the connection circuit. The following material was donated and shipped to Slovenia:

  • 600 carbon steel fittings;
  • 36 metres of pressfitting pipes;
  • 2 "V" profile clamps;
  • Various technical material such as manuals and posters.
The Director and the person responsible for the technical courses at the school were very pleased with Eurotubi's donation and were kind enough to send us some photographs of the system created using our pressfittings.

Future plumbers working with a pressfitting pressing tool

School, pressfittings, and future plumbers

In our opinion, collaborating closely with technical institutions is an excellent strategy that is advantageous to everyone.
It benefits the schools that, in this manner can count on cutting edge technology and tools rather than learning obsolete techniques using tools that belong in a museum. They can get familiar with what is now being used in construction sites. It also benefits manufacturers, who are ready to harvest fresh ideas coming from the teaching world.

realization of plumbing systems with pressfittings

Special projects for schools

If you are a professor or director of a plumbing school and wish to know more about the project, please contact our Marketing Office.

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