November 2017

Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems: the advantages of the Pressfitting system

Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems must be immensely reliable. Eurotubi offers a wide range of Pressfittings and pipes for them. Quick installation, quality, and various international fire extinguishing certifications are what Eurotubi offers to meet your installation needs.
The Pressfitting system is ideal for creating sprinkler fire extinguishing systems. Let's take a look at the "perks" such as speed of creation and lower weight of the system, as well as the quality of the materials and the availability of various international certifications.

Sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are one of the most effective systems for keeping fires under control. They are installed in numerous buildings, warehouses, offices, and shopping centres.

Fittings for fire sprinkler systems

Up to a decade ago, the sprinkler fire extinguishing systems installation market was dominated by the use of "awkward" fitting systems like groove fittings, which were also characterized by very heavy pipes and long installation times.

For sprinkler fire extinguishing systems, even welded systems are often disregarded. Due to their long installation times and especially due to the use of open flames inside areas at risk of fire, these systems are not ideal.

Range of pressfitting fittings in stainless steel and carbon steel

The table below summarizes some of the benefits of the pressfitting system regarding the creation of sprinkler fire extinguishing systems.

Advantages of the steel Pressfitting system when creating sprinkler fire extinguishing systems:

  • Speed of creation of joints compared to all other systems that can be used for this application;
  • Ranges in both carbon steel and AISI 316L stainless steel;
  • Availability of a wide range of diameters (VdS certification from ø 22 to ø 108) and even hybrid shapes (for couplings with pressfitting/threaded - flanged - with connectors and pressfitting/groove fitting);
  • Can be used in both wet and dry systems;
  • No open flames, no cumbersome machinery for grooving pipes, just an electrohydraulic press and the related grippers or chains;
  • lighter system compared to traditional thick-walled pipes.

Pressfittings and sprinkler fire extinguishing systems: international certifications



VdS certified range: stainless steel and carbon steel from Ø 22 to Ø 108 mm, only valid for use with Eurotubi pipes and fittings.



Stainless steel and carbon steel


Czech Republic

Stainless steel and carbon steel

For more information on Eurotubi Pressfittings for sprinkler systems, contact our Technical Office.

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