October 2017

Eurotubi carbon steel pressfittings for industrial heating systems

There are various technical solutions for heating industrial buildings, from classic boiler systems to modern renewable sources. All of these choices have one common denominator: their ideal efficiency and qualitative characteristics can be enhanced by an excellent piping system, created with carbon steel pressfittings!
One of the largest uses of the pressfitting system in Northern Europe is for the creation of heating systems.

Quality, creation speed, sturdiness, and durability make carbon steel pressfittings the ideal material for creating heating system pipelines.

Another quality of carbon steel pressfittings is definitely its affordability compared to other systems and materials used for this application.

Press Fitting in carbon steel for heating

Some advantages of pressfittings for industrial heating systems

  • The time involved in creating a pressfitting system is approximately half of that needed for other traditional systems;
  • Greater quality and resistance compared to plastic materials;
  • No open flames are used as in welded systems, allowing pressfittings to be installed even in areas where there are flammable substances.

Primary energy sources for heating industrial environments

  • Gas and fuel oil boilers, "classic" reliable solutions that use non-renewable sources;
  • Biomass boilers that use scraps from the wood industry;
  • High performance heat pumps that use the natural heat produced by the earth;
  • Cogeneration, trigeneration, and heating through the residual heat from industrial processes provide heat using the energy produced from industrial processes.

Industrial heating systems

Radiation systems to heat industrial environments

There are various technologies for radiating heat inside industrial buildings. These range from classic hot air generators to distribution systems such as microperforated pipes and heat strips and even innovative infrared systems for special applications.

Carbon pressfittings and heating: aspects to take into consideration

1. Carbon steel pressfittings: only for "closed" circuit systems

The carbon steel pressfitting system must only be used for closed circuit systems as there must be no oxygen present in the system. The reason is that oxygen will inevitably corrode the carbon steel.

perfect insulation of the heating pipes

2. State-of-the-art system insulation

We recommend not using carbon steel pipelines for cooling systems unless complete, state-of-the-art insulation with closed-cell materials is applied to the pipelines. The condensation that otherwise would be formed, triggers the corrosion process.

If you intend to use the pipelines for both heating and cooling, we recommend choosing the pressfitting system with AISI 316L stainless steel fittings paired with AISI 304 pipes supplied by our partner Vimoter. In this manner you will create a system with quality stainless steel fittings but with a more competitive cost thanks to the 304 pipes.

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