July 2017

Pressfittings for data center cooling systems

The amount of computer data that we create and use is continuously growing and is stored in increasingly larger data centers. These enormous computer complexes and computer archiving systems create massive amounts of heat, which must be dissipated using efficient cooling systems. Eurotubi stainless steel pressfittings are ideal for creating data center cooling systems. Let's take a look at why...
AISI 316L pressfittings combined with AISI 304 pipes is definitely one of the best solutions for creating plumbing systems for data center cooling systems. Reliability, quality, and quick installation are just some of the benefits of the Eurotubi pressfitting system, which make the product the ideal solution for this and other applications.

Since they are industrial applications and not for potable water, there is no need to use AISI 316L (DVGW certified) pipes. Instead we can use more economical pipes in AISI 304 provided by partner company Vimoter and designed to have performance that is practically equivalent to the 316, as shown in this article.

Data center air cooling systems

Data center characteristics: why they must be cooled

Data centers are a set of infrastructures organized to distribute and store the computer data we use every day. Besides the service equipment, the primary characteristics of data centers are the dozens or hundreds of "rooms" where the electronic equipment (computers and data storage units) are located in racks.

These rooms must be kept within certain temperatures and are, in fact, constantly cooled since during operation the electronic equipment installed generate a large quantity of heat.

A bit like the computers we use every day, these contain a series of fans to control the temperature.

But data centers need much greater cooling power than each individual computer. Therefore, these facilities use a proper cooling system through chilled water.

Pressfitting system for chilled water

Data center cooling systems: why steel pressfittings are the best choice

Many of the excellent characteristics that a data center cooling system must have are found in the Eurotubi Pressfitting System.

  • A system designed to prevent potential leaks

    Having a system that leaks in a location full of expensive electronic equipment can lead to dire consequences that are easy to imagine...

    Thanks to the Eurotubi Pressfitting technology and its double safety system — film indicating the pressed sleeve and polygonal shape trickle o-ring, both patented — the possibility of having missed an unpressed fitting is significantly eliminated.

    With the Double safety Sleeve + Leaking O-ring, any unpressed fittings are quickly distinguishable using the visual sleeve indicator, which tears during pressing and drops. Plus, the special structure of the Eurotubi patented trickle o-ring means any unpressed fittings "trickle" conspicuously during the system pressure test.

    Sleeve film and dripping oring

  • Quick installation and system quality

    Data systems are often installations in progress. Units are moved and systems are updated with more powerful memories, requiring more cooling power. With all this "traffic", the cooling system must always be ready for changes and expansions.

    The installation time for a system with pressfittings is on average 50% less than normal plumbing systems. Plus, thanks to the modularity of the pressfitting system, there is no need to shut down the entire system in order to make repairs or expansions. So, the data center can continue to function without costly interruptions.

    A steel system is much more resistant and is of better quality than those made with other materials such as plastic. Data centers are subject to constant technical maintenance. With plastic pipes, there is a strong possibility that instruments and maintenance carts can hit the pipes, creating hazardous obstructions in the system or possible leaks.

  • No use of open flames during installation

    Pressfittings are installed using an electrohydraulic press. There is no need for open flames, as with welding. This means, the system can be installed without having to take major precautions against the risk of fire.

  • Weight of the plumbing system

    Steel pressfittings weigh much less than traditional galvanized iron pipes. On a system of several thousands of metres, the lower weight that the facilities have to support and better transport costs are other points in favour of the pressfitting system.

System insulation

The chilled water systems must be perfectly insulated with suitable closed-cell material. Carbon steel may be used for this application (but is not recommended). A valid and economical alternative is the combination of 316L pressfittings with 304 steel pipes.

A photo of poor insulation, part of the system was not insulated

A photo of poor insulation, part of the system was not insulated

A photo of excellent pipe insulation

A photo of excellent pipe insulation

For more information on using the Pressfitting System for data center cooling systems, contact the Eurotubi Technical Office.

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