June 2017

France: Eurotubi Pressfittings used in a prestigious shipyard

It’s summertime: with Eurotubi Pressfitting references we’ll take you to the beach! In La Ciotat in Southern France, Eurotubi pressfittings were used for the compressed air system inside the “Monaco Marine” shipyard ... Don’t forget your sunscreen!
AISI 316L stainless steel pressfittings for industrial aria compressed air systems, a winning pair, especially if we are in areas subject to the possibility of corrosion. In fact, we are on the seashore in a highly modern shipyard dedicated to yacht maintenance. Here the salt air and salt transported by the wind affect the durability of plumbing systems and all materials in general.

As for areas near the sea, AISI 316L stainless steel pressfittings offer great resistance to corrosion and excellent system longevity. Thanks to its special characteristics, it can offer performance that is difficult to obtain even with more costly materials. For more information: Pressfittings in salty environments.

Impianti idraulici per grandi cantieri navali

The “Monaco Marine” shipyard in “La Ciotat”

This very modern shipyard is part of a network of six located on the Mediterranean shore in the south of France and in the Principality of Monaco.
It offers services for yachts, from all types of repairs to complete restoration or renovation of the interior or exterior. Among the offered services there are repairs and modernization of the plumbing systems, part of which are actually made with the pressfitting system!

Pressfitting impiegato su imparcazioni e cantieri navali

Advantages of the AISI 316L stainless steel pressfitting system for industrial plumbing systems

In industrial workshops like large shipyards, plumbing systems must be made with high quality, resistant materials. With such harsh work conditions, the complete reliability of the system as well as the possibility to minimize line downtimes are very important. With the pressfitting system, specific utilities can be repaired or new parts of the plumbing circuit can be created quickly and without shutting down the entire system!

Pressfitting sulle imbarcazioni


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