February 2017

Pressfittings for chilled water industrial systems

Pressfittings are the natural choice for many types of industrial plumbing systems. Chilled water circulation: discover how and why Pressfittings are the ideal fittings for this use.
Chilled water industrial systems, which fitting and piping system to choose? In all industrial plumbing systems, quick and reliable system creation is an essential quality. Eurotubi Pressfittings are also the ideal choice when creating chilled water circuits.

What is a chilled water system?

Water has a cooling power that is several times superior to that of air. Plus, it is an efficient and inexpensive way to carry energy from one point to another in a system.
Chilled water systems use an energy generator that is capable of "cooling" the water, which is then circulated through the pipes towards the elements that use it and then back to the chiller. The temperature of the chilled water is usually between 2 and 7 °C.

Diagram of a system of industrial chilled water

Some industrial uses of chilled water

There are many industrial processes that need "cooling" systems that use chilled water. These range from simple air conditioning systems in large buildings to maintaining the temperature in areas that can easily become overheated, such as data centres. Here, where many electronic devices are concentrated in an often limited amount of space, the circulation of chilled water keeps the temperature at an acceptable level, preventing dangerous overheating.
And finally, there are many industrial processes where the use of chilled water becomes specific. We are talking about plastic manufacturing systems, pharmaceutical industries, and cement production, to name a few.

Why choose pressfittings when creating chilled water piping systems

Industrial plumbing systems must always be made with reliable and quality materials. Construction speed, within the established plant downtime or implementation time for a new facility, is a factor that often translates into income.

chilled water system with Press Fitting

Other winning characteristics of pressfittings in the industrial sector:

  • No use of open flames, as occurs with welding: an important feature in industrial areas where operations are often performed with materials that can easily catch fire.
  • Less system weight: Pressfittings use piping with thin walls ensuring the unparalleled strength of steel but with lower transport and handling costs, also reducing the general weight of the physical structures at the production site.
  • Wide range of fittings and special shapes: the work of the designers and installers is made easier with the possibility of choosing from various special and standard shapes.

Regulations and good practices when using pressfittings in chilled water systems

For applications related to chilled water, we can use both types of steel: carbon and AISI 316L stainless steel.
In all closed systems, where no oxygen enters, we can use carbon steel pressfittings.
In "open" systems, the only possible choice is stainless steel. This is also the ideal choice for systems that undergo harsh or prolonged use.
And finally, for potable water, 304 steel pipes can be used with 316L fittings, as explained in this article.

System insulation


Chilled water systems built with carbon steel pressfittings must always be insulated with adequate materials. In fact, any probability that condensation could lead to corrosion on the surface of pipes and fittings must be carefully eliminated.

Pressfitting pipe insulation

Even 316 and 304 steel systems must be adequately insulated so the chilling power is maintained along the entire line without creating energy dispersion and increased costs.

An example of a chilled water system: Skellerup, New Zealand - Eurotubi pressfittings for industrial chilled water systems.

For more information, on Eurotubi Pressfittings for this type of system, contact our Technical Office.

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