October 2016

The role of Pressfittings in climate control efficiency in sustainable construction

Heat and cooling generators consume less and less, using renewable energy sources. When combined with efficient plumbing systems that respect the environment like steel pressfittings, they are the future of climate control systems.
Climate control in buildings, in an increasingly threatened environmental context, must be entrusted to latest generation thermal generators. This is the best investment for the future in both monetary and environmental terms. These investments pay back over time, ensuring less consumption of energy and environmental resources.

Plumbing for sustainable HVAC systems

Investing in efficient heating systems without combining them with an adequate plumbing system would greatly interfere with the thermal performance and consumption. For this reason, it is recommended to choose a system of steel fittings and pipes such as the Pressfitting.

Using the Pressfitting system, heating and air conditioning systems can count on a series of advantages from both the technical point of view and energy performance and environmental points of view:

  • Reliability and durability: thanks to the superior characteristics of steel (carbon and AISI 316L stainless) and the quality of Eurotubi pressfittings, your system could last for decades.
  • Double safety in pressing fittings: with the sleeve film that tears if the fitting has been pressed and thanks to the exclusive, toroidal-shaped trickle O-ring, the risk of not having performed some pressings is significantly reduced.
  • Eurotubi pressfittings use pipes with thin walls so they have a higher flow rate compared to other pipes with the same external diameter.
  • Easy insulation: compared to other types of fittings, the steel pressfitting offers greater fitting sinuosity. So, inserting insulating sheathing is much easier.
  • Completely recyclable: at the end of the system's life cycle, all of the components created with pressfittings can be 100% recycled.

Proper insulation for heating and cooling pipes

Pressfitting systems made according to accepted standards and efficiently insulated with suitable closed-cell materials are ideal for building circuits for modern residential and industrial climate control systems.

Climate control techniques from renewable sources

Fortunately, for our planet's future there is a lot of activity in modern techniques for climate control in buildings. There are various paths for studying systems that are increasingly efficient and economical with resources. Basically, the goal is to use one single system that can serve heating needs in the winter and air conditioning needs in the summer.

The most common renewable sources for climate control are:
  • Cogeneration: energy dissipated from other, often industrial, processes are used as a source for climate control. For more information: Pressfittings and modern cogeneration techniques.
  • Heat pumps: These take heat or cool air from where they are naturally present (the earth and air, for example), and redistribute them inside our buildings using systems with low environmental impact.

Future Plumbing Systems

How will the climate be controlled in buildings in the future?
Through renewable energy sources, generators that consume less and less, and combined with efficient plumbing distribution systems... Like those built using Eurotubi Pressfittings!

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5. The role of Pressfittings in climate control efficiency in sustainable construction
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