November 2015

Fire extinguishing sprinklers with pressfittings: the difference between dry and wet systems

The pressfitting and pipe system is ideal for creating sprinkler fire extinguishing systems. We can use pressfittings for both wet and dry systems. What is the difference between the two?
The environmental conditions in the location where the sprinkler fire extinguishing systems will be installed are the first factors to be taken into consideration when choosing whether to use the wet or dry type of system.

Wet sprinkler fire extinguishing systems

Most sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are created using a wet system. This statement indicates that the system is permanently filled with water under pressure. If the room temperature can reach a point where water dispensing is not possible, dry systems must be used.

Sprinkler systems quicker to make

Dry sprinkler fire extinguishing systems

Dry sprinkler fire extinguishing systems are used in all areas where the continuous presence of water inside the pipes could compromise its dispensing.
We are mainly referring to areas with very low temperatures where there is a risk that the water could freeze. These are areas such as garages, warehouses, and areas without heating. There are also special areas such as laboratories and refrigerated cells, where the temperature is forced below zero.
Problems also occur with the opposite situation, in areas where the temperature could become so high that the water is vaporized.

Range of pressfittings and pipes for sprinkler fire extinguishing systems

Eurotubi Pressfitting has received various certifications throughout the world for its fire extinguishing product lines. One of the most important is definitely the VdS.

Pipes and fittings for sprinkler systems

For your sprinkler fire extinguishing systems, there are two variants available in the catalogue:
  • Carbon steel: special fittings and pipes that are galvanized inside and out;
  • Stainless steel: pipes and fittings made of AISI 316L.
Both ranges are available in diameters ranging from 22 mm to 108 mm.

For more detailed technical information refer to the Eurotubi Technical Manual. Also, the Technical Office is at your disposal for any further clarifications.
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