April 2015

Eurotubi Pressfitting installation reference: electrical conduit in the walkway at EXPO 2015

Milan, connecting walkway for EXPO 2015. Eurotubi Pressfittings in stainless steel were used to create the electrical conduit. Let's discuss the advantages of this solution and take a look at the photo gallery.
The Eurotubi Pressfitting system of pipes and fittings was used to create the electrical conduit inside the walkway at EXPO 2015 in Milan. From the entrance turnstiles near the dedicated underground stop, there is an elevated walkway. This L-shaped 520 m long walkway will be the path for millions of visitors during the six months that this international event will take place.

Expo 2015 Milan cables

"This walkway is an important focus point for the entire EXPO 2015," stated the construction site supervisor. It was absolutely important to find a solution that was elegant and pleasant to look at but at the same time extremely solid and easy to install.

tubular stainless steel conduits  for power and data  cables

"316L stainless steel" Eurotubi Pressfittings were used for the fittings and for the piping "304 stainless steel" was used. This solution combined with special pipes that are slightly thicker than normal, allowed us to reduce costs without affecting the sturdiness of the system.

In total the following were used:
  • 2,100 fittings in 316L stainless steel;
  • 7,000 m of special piping in 304 stainless steel.
The walkway was tested to respond to the stress resulting from the passage of thousands of people. It was estimated that the structure, depending on the workload, could move about four cm.
For this reason, the fittings were pressed only in correspondence with the junction boxes. Some special fittings were designed to act as "dilation joints" in the unpressed sections of the system.
The installation of the electrical conduit was done by the "Grisenti" of Trento.

Photo gallery of the electrical conduit system: Expo 2015 walkway

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The Eurotubi Technical Office is at your disposal for any further technical information.
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