April 2015

Pressfittings systems as electrical conduit

Water? Gas? Eurotubi Pressfittings are also excellent for creating electrical conduit. Wherever operating conditions are harsh, the stainless steel pressfittings system is the ideal solution.
We are accustomed to talking about pressfittings for transporting liquid or gaseous fluids. With its convenient installation and resistance, the Eurotubi Pressfitting system can also be used to create conduit for electrical cables and computer network cables.

Pipes and fittings in stainless steel for cable ducts of electric current

In environments and applications where operating conditions are harsh, the normal plastic pipe does not offer enough security. Let's look at some types of installations where the use of stainless steel pipes and pressfittings is preferable for creating electrical conduit:

Railways – undergrounds and motorways: stainless steel pipes and fittings protect vitally important cables like electrical cables for lighting and emergency signals. The ability to count on protection against water and dirt infiltration is fundamental, especially in critical areas like tunnels.

Industrial plants – in the presence of chemical substances and hydrocarbons: in areas where there could be vapours from substances that could easily damage the protective plastic sheathing on the cables. Also, in case of fire, stainless steel pressfittings have excellent flame resistance.

Modern solutions for cable ducts in electrical cables installations

Highly valuable architectural buildings and street furniture: Stainless steel pipes and fittings integrate perfectly into modern architecture due to their glossy and elegance appearance. Plus, the resistance of the pipes and pressfittings is important in the case of potential vandalism.

Through its Technical Office, Eurotubi can provide more information and assistance regarding the use of stainless steel pipes and fittings for electrical conduit.
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