October 2014

Eurotubi Stainless Steel Gas Pressfittings: always at the forefront of European standards

When building your gas distribution system you can count on Eurotubi Stainless Steel Gas Pressfittings. Its line of pressfittings meets the highest standards set by European Standards and DVGW.
The Pressfitting is now known for its reliability and quick installation. For transporting gas, Eurotubi offers its line in "AISI 316L Stainless Steel GAS" This system has obtained numerous national and international certifications. The most important on the European level are the DVGW G260 technical standard and the DVGW G 5614 technical specifications.

Stainless Steel gas pressfitting

Characteristics of the Eurotubi Pressfitting Gas

All Eurotubi Stainless Steel Gas AISI 316L pressfittings are equipped with the special HNBR yellow o-ring. This special compound ensures complete compatibility with gases approved in European and DVGW standards besides offering excellent durability.

Each fitting produced is also equipped with a specific yellow anti-tampering label. Let's take a look at it in detail:

DVGW GAS: fitting certification mark
PN5: Maximum operating pressure (5 Bar)
GT/5: Thermal resistance - indicates that in DVGW tests, the fitting resists a temperature of 650° C for 30 minutes at a pressure of 5 Bar

Press Fitting Gas  with anti-tampering label

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Eurotubi constantly keeps abreast of new international and national regulations in order to offer its customers a product that is always on the cutting edge.

Excerpt of the DVGW certificate for the Eurotubi Gas Pressfitting line

DVGW pressfitting Gas certificate

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You can request a copy of the original certificate by writing to the Eurotubi Quality Office.
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