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October 2013  
Carbon steel pressfittings for heating systems
From the Technical Department

The Eurotubi Pressfitting System in carbon steel is primarily used in heating systems. Let's look at some of the characteristics that make pressfittings the ideal system for this type of application.

In all closed system water circulation plumbing installations for heating purposes, the use of Eurotubi Pressfitting System pipes and fittings ensures a series of advantages, especially in terms of durability and installation speed.
The pipes are made out of E195 no. 1.0034 or E190 no. 1.0031 carbon steel or other grades of equal effectiveness and are externally coated using electrolytic or heat galvanizing.
The o-ring is made in black EPDM and is available in the "no-leaking" version. It is also available in the "standard" version upon request.

Use conditions
  • Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar;
  • maximum operating temperature: 120 °C;
  • the circuits must operate without air inside of them.

Press fittings for heating systems

Resistance to internal corrosion

Circuits for heating systems must be closed; therefore, they must not allow oxygen to enter. This prevents internal corrosion.

During system filling and operation, a small quantity of air may enter that can be expelled using the venting valves. Furthermore, special substances (such as a 50% Glycol mixture) can be introduced in the circuit to prevent the corrosion processes caused by oxygen.

Mixed circuit sections can be used, or those connected to non-ferrous materials like copper, aluminium or plastic while the use of carbon steel and stainless steel elements must be evaluated since, without special technical precautions this solution could cause bimetallic corrosion.

Resistance to external corrosion

The external electrolytic or hot galvanized coating of the parts in carbon steel does not automatically ensure a durable and effective protection against corrosive agents. The systems must be isolated using paint or plastic coatings with closed cell sheathing or protective tape (felt strapping is not allowed since it does not allow the humidity to evaporate).

Without this protection, exposure to humidity, especially in buried installations, can promote external corrosion.

System implementation

The leak test can be performed with cold water, air or inert gas. Immediately after final testing, the system must be brought to the maximum temperature designed for the project to make sure there are no pressure drops.

Use of carbon steel pipes from third party suppliers

In the carbon steel piping industry for heating systems, there are many economically advantageous products with the correct nominal dimensions but with insufficient characteristics regarding their finish, tolerance and operational reliability.

If you intend to purchase pipes from other suppliers, you must strictly follow the specifications described in Table 15 of the Eurotubi Pressfitting Technical Manual Pipes must always be marked indelibly with their data in order to be able to find out the manufacturer and production lot.

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