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February 2013  
Eurotubi pressfittings for compressed air systems
From the Technical Department

Most industrial facilities and mechanical shops have a compressed air distribution system. In building these systems, the use of stainless steel and carbon steel pressfittings brings a series of advantages.

Compressed air is used for numerous applications in various industries including mechanics, carpentry, construction and medicine. It is generally used as a motive power system for machine tools and for operating pneumatic tools. The production of compressed air (which is reduced in volume) is done through a compressor or a pump powered by electricity or fuel (spark ignition engines). The air is stored in tanks or placed directly in circulation and distributed through systems made up of pipes, connections and valves.

While designing the system there are some important factors that should not be underestimated. These are mainly the presence of oil in the circuit and the generation of condensation inside the piping.

Presence of oil in the circuit

During operation, some compressors release oil inside the circuit. This could be harmful to all of the utensils on the circuit and for the EPDM gaskets. Dedicated filtering and oil separators can facilitate its expulsion. If the oil level in the circuit is still high ( ≥ 5 mg/m3), it is best to replace the EPDM (black) o-ring with one in FPM (red "Viton" o-ring) which, in fact, has excellent resistance to oil and grease.

Presence of condensation

The presence of condensation in the system should be avoided. This could, in fact, cause malfunctions and trigger corrosion, especially in systems with carbon steel pipes and fittings. A condensation drying system must be installed in various parts of the circuit.

Press fittings for compressed air

Choice of materials

Either a carbon pressfitting or AISI 316L stainless steel pressfitting can be used in compressed air systems. Both withstand temperatures between -20°C and +120°C and a maximum pressure of 16 bars. The choice is made based on the accessory features of the system. Generally, the greater the need for resistance and durability the more preferable it is to use stainless steel.

Tips for an efficient installation

  • Slightly dampen the o-ring with water before assembly;
  • Ensure the pipes are firmly in the brackets since the circulation of compressed air is, by its very nature, subject to intense flow peaks.
For any other questions or tips on installing pressfittings for compressed air systems, send an email to our technicians at


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