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Eurotubi Pressfitting Newsletter - June 2019
1. HVAC systems and building health: The rules for a healthy environment, beginning with the choice of pipes and fittings
2. Pressing differences between jaw clamps and chains: why the use of chains is mandatory with diameters of 42 and greater
3. Eurotubi Pressfittings for the cooling system of Alice Springs power station in Australia
4. How to reduce potable water consumption for industrial processing of seafood products
5.Eurotubi Pressfitting video course: how to protect carbon steel systems from corrosion
Eurotubi Pressfitting Newsletter - May 2019
1. Steel pressfittings and corrosion: the importance of choosing the proper insulating materials
2. Eco-sustainable heating and cooling: which pipe and fitting systems should you choose?
3. Eurotubi Pressfittings in Europe’s highest Alpine resort
4. News regarding the new Eurotubi centre for packaging and logistics
5. Eurotubi Pressfitting video course: system pressure test with air or water?
Eurotubi Pressfitting Newsletter - April 2019
1. Pressfittings for heating and air conditioning: when to choose carbon steel or AISI 316L stainless steel fittings with 304 pipes
2. Pressfittings for heating systems inside covered stadiums and sports arenas
3. Eurotubi pressfittings for renovating the historic hotel “Leul de Aur” (Golden Lion) in Sebes, Romania
4. March 22 was World Water Day: how to make the most of it through the choice of piping
5. Eurotubi Pressfitting Video Course: swivel connectors
Eurotubi Pressfitting Newsletter - March 2019
1. Eurotubi Pressfitting ISH 2019 Special Report
2. For the second year in a row, Eurotubi Europa is among the top 500 medium-sized Italian companies in order of economic growth
3. ISH 2019 and smart buildings: pressfitting pipeline systems for intelligent buildings
4. Admire the Duomo of Milan in Frankfurt? Yes, you could at the ISH fair
5. Eurotubi Pressfitting Video Course: how to change the O-ring without damaging the fitting
Eurotubi Pressfitting Newsletter - February 2019
1. Eurotubi pressfittings: special preview of ISH 2019 Frankfurt
2. Pressfittings and digitalisation of processes related to water
3. Video course: O-rings and Sleeves in the Eurotubi Pressfitting System
4. Eurotubi Pressfitting Quality: upgrade to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification
5. Eurotubi pressfittings in the new laboratories at the Istituto Salesiano di Sesto San Giovanni

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