January 2018

Reusing wastewater for industrial processes - a green idea thanks also to pressfittings

Industries are the top consumers of water resources. Many industrial processes could use wastewater rather than consume potable water. Let's also look at some possible industrial used for this water and how pressfittings can be widely used in these systems.
World water resources: one of the top consumption items is industrial use. Due to the increasing attention towards environmental resources, examples of the use of wastewater in industrial processes have multiplied in recent decades.

This trend is also increasing due to the new technologies that can increase the level of water purification and, at the same time, lower the costs of these solutions.

Industrial plumbing with pressfittings

Not only are there new types of processes, but also a pairing with increasingly efficient water distribution systems, such as Pressfitting pipes and joints.

The Pressfitting System and industrial process water

Pressfittings and pipes are widely used in industry for process water and various other applications.
This is due to the reliability, durability, and flexibility of the system, combined with a quick junction process that does not use open flames.

Reliability in industrial plumbing systems

Possible limitations to the use of pressfittings with wastewater and treated water

For optimal use of the pressfitting system, the content of the water conveyed must be known. For wastewater, possible contaminations with chemical products could affect the steel and the o-ring. Every industrial water case is unique. For this reason, before using Eurotubi pressfittings, it is essential to ask the opinion of our Technical Office, attaching the exact composition of the fluid.

Reuse of wastewater for industrial purposes

Use of wastewater in industry

Considering only the possible, new industrialization in developing nations, the current water request could be multiplied by five.
So, using wastewater for industry becomes an increasingly important priority. Industries can use wastewater coming directly from their processes or from urban wastewater purifiers, or from other nearby industries.

The level of pollution in the available water plays a major role. For example, water that is not very polluted can be reused directly, without excessive filtration, for purposes such as irrigation, washing, adjustment of pH levels, or as other process water.

All wastewater can be used at different levels, for example, organic wastewater, if it cannot be used in other ways, could provide energy through biomass cogeneration, as in this excellent Danish example.

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5. Reusing wastewater for industrial processes - a green idea thanks also to pressfittings
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