January 2018

Pressfitting for solar thermal systems: stainless steel or carbon steel?

The Pressfitting system is perfect for creating solar thermal systems, with a guarantee of performance and long life combined with the extreme quickness in creating joints. What are the criteria for choosing whether to use stainless steel or carbon steel for the system?
Solar thermal systems are an excellent solution for domestic hot water. They can also be efficiently used even in the integration of heating and cooling systems. Using pressfittings and pressfitting pipes to make solar thermal distribution systems offers numerous advantages.

Advantages of using pressfittings in solar thermal systems

  • Quality, resistance, and longevity of the steel;
  • A wide range of shapes and diameters in the catalogue, even hybrids with threading to meet any system design need;
  • O-rings in EPDM (temperature up to + 120° C compatible with steam) or specific to the solar application in green FKM (temperatures up to +180° C but not compatible with steam);
  • System creation speed thanks to the pressfitting technique, we can save over 50% of time compared to other techniques such as welding.

Modern solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems, choose between stainless steel or carbon steel

Carbon steel in solar thermal systems can only be used in closed circuit systems. So, it can only be used in systems without air inside and without the introduction of new water. This condition is obligatory since carbon steel, in the presence of oxygen, can be subject to corrosion.

Pressfitting fittings in stainless steel and carbon steel

Therefore, it is feasible to use carbon steel only for heating and in domestic water systems where the two circuits (heat induction and water distribution) are separate.
In this manner, carbon steel is only used to circulate hot water in a circuit that, using heating induction plates, transfers heat to the second circuit, for water distribution.
Stainless steel, on the other hand, can be used freely for water distribution. It definitely costs more than carbon steel but also provides a series of advantages such as greater resistance and time duration.

Optimal insulation of pipes

All systems, both stainless and carbon steel, must be subjected to perfect insulation with closed cell material, for energy savings but especially in the case of carbon steel to prevent condensation from leading to corrosion.

For more information on the use of pressfittings in solar thermal systems you can contact our Technical Office.

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