November 2017

The first city in the world to deliver potable water thanks to energy obtained from wastewater

In Denmark, the energy needed to bring potable water to the houses in the city of Aarhus comes from a cogeneration plant supplied by its own wastewater. A demanding project with enormous advantages for the environment...
We have always discussed cogeneration in terms of heating. In Aarhus, on the other hand, the energy produced by the combustion of sewage coming from the city drains, is transformed into electricity to supply the pumps that send potable water to all users.

The basic concept is simple. Since the city wastewater needs to be purified anyway before reintroducing it into the environment, why not design a system that can use the energy obtained from these processes?

sewage plans in Marselisborg

This was done in the wastewater treatment plants in Marselisborg, near Aarhus. Here the sewage coming from the city drains is treated using special microbiological processes to create combustible gases such as biomethane.

Gas produced in this manner is introduced in a cogeneration plant that produces electricity through combustion. In fact, the cogenerator combines a boiler with an electric generator, thus providing the energy that can be used to run the powerful pumps that send potable water to the entire network.

Pressfittings as ideal piping systems for wastewater treatment plants

Downstream of the treatment process, in order to convey the already treated water, the AISI 316L stainless steel pressfitting is the absolutely ideal system:
  • Perfect hygiene: The AISI 316L stainless steel using in pipes and pressfittings is a completely neutral material that does not release any type of substance in the water it conveys;
  • Wide range of shapes available, combined with hybrid ends to easily pair with other plumbing equipment such as filters, pumps, etc.
  • Speed of creation of plumbing systems: All that is needed is an electrohydraulic press with the related terminals to be able to create a perfect coupling in just a few seconds.

Technical requirements and installation references regarding wastewater treatment plants

Remember that pressfittings can only be used to convey fluids for which the exact chemical composition is known. Consequently, in the case of water treatment plants, pressfittings can only be used downstream of the purification section.

Further information on the previous article:

Raccordi e tubazioni per impianti di trattamento acque

316L stainless steel pressfittings for non-industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Installation reference for the treatment of wastewater:

impianto trattamento acque reflue

Eurotubi Pressfittings used to renovate the wastewater treatment plants in Vindeln, Sweden

For more information on the Eurotubi Pressfitting system, contact our Technical Office.

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5. The first city in the world to deliver potable water thanks to energy obtained from wastewater
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