October 2017

HVAC eco-sustainable systems: increasingly efficient due to new trigeneration technologies

The use of energy from renewable sources that respect the environment is now indispensable for modern construction. Combining this "clean" energy with modern climate control technologies helps reduce emissions and costs. Here is the case of trigeneration combined with a modern piping system such as the pressfitting system.

Modern buildings and cutting-edge systems

Technological, less polluting, and increasingly efficient, these are the characteristics of the new heat generation and air conditioning systems. Increasing the performance of the generators means the characteristics of the fluid distribution systems must absolutely be up to the same standards.

Leed class A certified heating systems

Currently, the fittings and piping system that is best able to satisfy all of these quality and performance requirements is definitely the steel pressfitting system in its carbon and AISI 316L stainless steel versions:
  • Quality without compromises, thanks to strict tolerances used during the production of the fittings;
  • Resistance and longevity, the steel used in the pressfittings is one of the most resistant materials in the current panorama of piping for heating;
  • 100% recyclable, respect for the environment is also seen in the complete possibility of reusing the materials.

Carbon steel and stainless steel AISI 316L press fittings ranges

Renewable energies that respect the environment

In new buildings and renovations of existing ones, generators powered by renewable energy sources are mostly used for climate control. From the spontaneous heat of the earth to the sun and wind, all are types of energy that are freely available and especially "renewable" in comparison to the traditional sources such as gas and petroleum.

Sustainable heating and air conditioning

New technologies for heating and climate control

Not only renewable sources but also the optimization of pre-existing technologies based on non-renewable sources This is the case of modern condensation steam generators. The heat produced by the exhaust gases is recovered as steam and re-used to increase the overall generator efficiency.

Other innovative systems are based on renewable sources:
  • Absorption heat pumps;
  • Irradiation systems.
These are also able to heat and cool, combining the two needs into a single system.

General diagram of a cogeneration system

Climate control through trigeneration

A valid example of a system able to provide both heating and cooling is "trigeneration". While cogeneration uses a single energy source to provide both heat and electricity, the trigeneration process also provides "cooling power".

Through the absorption or release of temperature, special refrigerants transform the material state. In this manner, the heat produced by the electricity production cycle can be transformed into heat or cooling power.

Trigeneration is easily exploited in the climate control of industrial buildings through residual process heat.

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