October 2017

Eurotubi Pressfittings in carbon steel for a new office centre in Lithuania certified Leed Gold

Attention to the environment and the well-being of the occupants were the focus of the creation of the new "Pentagon" business centre located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Here the Eurotubi Pressfitting in carbon steel was used for the heating systems, a green system that contributed to the prestigious "Leed Gold" certification.

In March 2017, the "Pentagon" business centres in Vilnius, Lithuania was inaugurated. It is one of the first office buildings in that country to achieve the prestigious "Leed Gold" energy certification.

The Eurotubi Pressfitting pipe and fitting system in its carbon steel variant was used to create the heating systems for the office building.

Fittings for heating systems - Leed certification

Besides the now established winning characteristics of pressfittings such as quality, creation speed of the systems, and the large variety of shapes in the catalogue, the green characteristics of the Eurotubi product also allowed the "Pentagon" business centre to obtain the prestigious "Leed Gold" environmental certification.

Heating systems with carbon steel pressfitting

The eco-friendly characteristics of Eurotubi Pressfittings

  • The steel used to make Eurotubi pressfittings is 100% recyclable. Disposal at the end of its life is very simple compared to plastic multi-layer materials, for example, for which disposal is much more complex and pollutant due to the many materials present.
  • Steel is a material with high thermal conductivity. With adequate insulation using closed cell materials, pipes and pressfittings improve the building's energy efficiency.
  • No harmful chemicals released in the environment: compared to welding, which during execution releases hazardous chemical substances, pressfittings use a simple electro-hydraulic tool.

The best technology serving the sustainable buildings of the future

Modern technologies serving buildings: Pressfittings are part of various innovative systems used in this modern building. Its pentagonal shape, in fact, brings to mind the five values the planners were inspired by: functionality, environmental sustainability, quality, excellent cost-efficiency ratio, and environmental and acoustic comfort, all principles also found in the pressfitting system!

Executive Leeds with Leed certification

The primary energy source for winter climate control is district heating. Through a dense network of large diameter pipes, the heat coming from industrial processes is "transported" to the building.
From here it is conveyed to the various utilities using Eurotubi carbon-steel pressfittings.

The building has a total surface area of 7,800 m2. With its energy class A, it uses only 9.67 kWh/m2 of thermal energy per year, while class B buildings require almost 45 kWh/m2.

Hydraulic systems for energy A class certification

Energy class A was obtained through various solutions:
  • The use of district heating and a primary energy source;
  • Two-stage, high performance ventilation system with air purification;
  • Ventilated aluminium composite panels and sandwich panels with a polyurethane core;
  • Aluminium windows with double chamber glass, heat transfer coefficient U=1.20 W//m2K).

Computerized building management system: BMS

All building parameters are controlled through a computerized BMS. It can control the internal lighting, air conditioning, real time monitoring, and regulation of the technical parameters of the building, as well as metering.

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