October 2017

Pressfitting courses: what we have learned from installers and the next available dates

The first courses on the pressfitting system have ended. For us at Eurotubi and for the installers, it was an opportunity for reciprocal enrichment. We have prepared a photo gallery for you of what the participants learned, what we learned from them, and the next available dates. Also, being prepared is a golden opportunity for professional schools of future plumbers.
The Pressfitting plumbing system is increasingly used among installers. With its winning characteristics such as the quality of the steel and the speed in creating joints, interest in this product is always growing.

Eurotubi courses for installers

For this reason, Eurotubi is preparing a series of projects, such as workshops and events, that can bring the pressfittings directly "into the hands" of installers, planners, and students of professional plumbing courses.

Reciprocal knowledge between manufacturer and installers

The courses held in September at the Eurotubi Europa office in Nova Milanese called for a primary phase of reciprocal knowledge regarding the company, the pressfitting system, and the specific applications of interest to the various installers.

Pressfitting installation course at Eurotubi Facilities

The second part of the meetings was dedicated to more in-depth knowledge of the system and tools through various practical tests. The quality and resistance of Eurotubi Pressfittings was also verified in the testing room.

For us at Eurotubi, it was very interesting to be able to see the experiences of those who already used the pressfitting system and to be able to answer questions and give advice to installers that were not yet familiar with it.

On a daily basis, our Technical Office receives many requests for information on the system, its compatibility with fluids, and special pieces, along with specific questions regarding special applications. Being able to respond in person to these questions, providing direct examples on the materials and equipment, was very satisfying for both us and our guests.

Take a look at the photo gallery

Pressfitting Courses Gallery

Special projects for schools

We are preparing a project to bring Eurotubi Pressfittings directly to professional plumbing schools. We initially selected certain institutes that will send their professors to our office to be instructed in the use of the pressfitting system and to plan specific lessons at their institutes.

If you are a professor or director of a plumbing school and wish to know more about the project, please contact our Marketing Office.

Next dates for free courses

Eurotubi is organizing two new dates for pressfitting courses, Thursday 16 November and Thursday 23 November. If you are interested in signing up or receiving more information, fill out the form below and our staff will contact you.

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