October 2017

The Pressfitting System for industrial process water

Water is used in various ways in industrial processes, both in its pure state as well as with added chemicals for specific purposes. The steel pressfitting is the ideal system for many types of industrial process water systems ... Let's take a look.
Industrial plumbing systems and steel pressfittings have always been an excellent team. In fact, there are many features of pressfittings that make them the ideal system for creating industrial fluid circulation systems. And even in this case: Industrial process water.

What do we mean by industrial process water

Many industrial processes are based on the circulation or conveyance of water. From cooling systems to energy generators and the infinitely "pure" water used in producing electronic chips, and even including industrial hydroponic cultures.

Pressfitting for industrial plants

Water transports energy (heat, cooling), transports the material, and combines with other chemical substances to aid and enable various industrial processes.

Some industrial uses of process water

  • As a thermal vector for heating and cooling machinery or maintaining certain temperatures for industrial processes (boilers, nuclear power stations, chemical and petroleum industries);
  • Dilution of concentrated chemical products (chemical and pharmaceutical industries);
  • Production of electronic components (finely purified water).

  • Steel pressfittings for industrial process water systems

    The pressfitting system offers a series of advantages compared to other industrial plumbing fitting systems:
    • Reliability, quality, and speed in creating the system;
    • No use of open flames as in welding: the ideal system for use in areas with the presence of flammable substances;
    • Stainless steel is one of the best materials to use when seeking to maintain the purity of the fluid transported and prevent any contaminations.
    For most process water applications, the ideal pressfitting is in AISI 316L stainless steel.

    Carbon steel may only be used in "closed" circuit systems, where there is no oxygen present.

    Stainless steel pressfittings provide greater system longevity and greater resistance to some of the harsher fluids.

    AISI 316L stainless steel pressfitting range

    Process water: controlling optimum parameters

    Industrial processes often need the physical and chemical parameters of the water transported to fall within very strict levels. In these cases, the quality of the water, its pH, electrical conductivity, and possible presence of chemical particles that could pollute the industrial production must be monitored continuously.

    Quality and water conservation in industrial processes

    While it is a resource with a low cost, the cycle of the water used for industrial processes must be optimized to avoid waste. Also, the treatment of the waste water must be managed efficiently so that its re-introduction into the environment is as eco-sustainable as possible.

    Saving water resources in the industrial processes - safeguarding the environment

    Chemical compatibility with the Pressfitting system

    Before using Eurotubi pressfittings to convey water with added chemicals, we recommend contacting our technical office to find out the compatibility with our system. Some chemical substances could, in fact, damage the steel and o-ring compound, leading to leaks.

    Contact the Eurotubi Pressfitting Technical Office.

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