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January 2014  
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EXPO 2015: countdown
From the Marketing Department

There are still 450 days to go, but for the operators the countdown has already started for the largest fair in the world that will be held in Milan in 2015.

As of today, over 141 countries have registered, representing 87% of the world population. 60 pavilions have been set up, an absolute record. The previous Expo held in Shanghai in 2010 had 42. Overall attendance is estimated at around 20 million visitors. The opportunity to establish important business relationships has driven several countries to make huge investments and many companies to submit proposals for sponsorship.

The reasons for this success can be found in the appeal of the chosen theme, "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" as well as the lure (historical, cultural and environmental) of the host country.

Il sito dell'Expo 2015 di milano - i cantieri in allestimento

Numerous expectations must be met. Milan is in turmoil. The Expo site is 40,000 square meters and over 80 are construction sites that in a few months will completely change the city's appearance. Obviously, the primary objective is to meet the schedule.

Eurotubi Europa is planning to play a leading role at this world event that will take place just a few kilometres from its headquarters in Nova Milanese. The marketing office is studying various sponsorship strategies. Some of their recent undertakings include enrolment in "District 33" , a consortium of companies with a significant role in providing products and services for the Expo.

Expo 2015 - Milano in fermento

Interest in the event also stems from the fact that the Eurotubi Pressfitting System is perfectly in line with the Expo's theme. In fact, a system made using 316L stainless steel pressfittings is the best solution for potable water supply in both a civil and industrial environment. No other material has the same characteristics as stainless steel in terms of hygiene and resistance to corrosion.

Plus, the pressfitting system is known for its quick installation. This feature is particularly advisable when speed is a determining factor in meeting the deadline.


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